Women Can Also Have Their Own Deep Pockets

Women Can Also Have Their Own Deep Pockets!deep pockets

I am very excited to announce that I have been invited to be a featured speaker for a phenomenal free global teleconference: Love, Dating, and Relationships Global Telesummit!

It’s true! Women Can Also Have Their Own Deep Pockets and I will be speaking about this very important topic at this telesummit with these renowned speakers:

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This 5-day event showcases some of the most respected leaders in business, relationship mentoring, life coaching, personal empowerment, soulmate manifestation and other relational areas.

I will be interviewed by Lorii Abela – Soulmate Expert, highly regarded speaker and my fellow co-author of the new blockbuster cult book Hot Mama in (High) HeelsJoining me is a host of big names from the world of relationship management, and the event promises to be an exciting one for listeners and featured speakers alike.

What you get is…

  • Free 5-day access to an event that is guaranteed to give you tons of valuable information and understanding of the mechanics and practical aspects of building strong and positive relationships.
  • Free gifts with your registration, which is simply an RSVP acknowledgement of your presence at the global teleconference from November 18th to 22nd.
  • Results-oriented advice from accomplished teachers and experts on creating, maintaining and enriching relationships.
  • A new perspective on your own true nature and the immense potential that lies dormant within.
  • Actionable ideas to improve your love life and your success with relationships.

 What you need to do is…

  • Go to https://www.lovedatingrelationship.com and register for a FREE pass for the 5-day teleconference starting November 18th – 22nd.
  • Claim your FREE GIFTS at that web address.
  • Be logging in and listening in on November 18th at the time specified on your invitation once you register.
  • Go away after five days with a full head and a happy heart, safe in the knowledge that you now have powerful tools to deal with your relationship issues.

And that’s all there is to it! I truly hope you will be there to give your continued support to my work, and I wholeheartedly believe that you will leave the teleconference feeling more empowered, more confident, more certain of your future and more capable of creating and nurturing beautiful, life-long relationships.

Check out this video for a preview on what’s to come:

Update: If you missed the event, you can listen to my interview on Women Can Also Have Their Own Deep Pockets right here:

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