Emotional Spending

#1 – Ignorance is Not Bliss!financial freedom sign

If you don’t look at your money, you are putting your money in jeopardy of being taken advantage of by banks and credit card companies because you weren’t paying attention.

Perfect example: the housing crisis created such economic mayhem because people were NOT LOOKING AT THEIR MONEY!

After the crash, people would say…

  • they didn’t know how variable interest worked…
  • they didn’t think housing prices would drop so fast they would be upside down…
  • they didn’t realize their mortgage prices would go up so fast where they couldn’t afford them…
  • they were promised that housing prices would only go up…

Were there unscrupulous lenders?


However, if people were better educated on their money, they would have known better and this wouldn’t have happened to them! When this happened to so many people, it affects us all!

We have control over our own destiny. With the right financial education, we can MASTER OUR MONEY and never allow anyone to pull one over on us!

This doesn’t have to happen to you!

And, if you’ve made any of these financial mistakes, IT’S OKAY! Those past mistakes are our cue that we need to wake up and start paying attention! 🙂

Do not punish yourself for past mistakes. Let’s learn from the past, stay in the present, and plan our future!

#2 – Emotional Spending

Why did so many people jump on the housing bandwagon when prices kept going up and up? Did it have anything to do with emotional spending?

Have you ever spent money to feel better about yourself?  To feel better about your life? To impress your friends? To measure up to other people? Keep up with the Joneses? Have you spent money on your kids stemming from feelings of guilt?

Most importantly, have you gone into a lot of debt to feel better about your life or make an impression on others?

Many people spend out of negative emotions. It’s never good to spend money out of fear, guilt, or shame; yet so many do it all the time.

Have you made bad financial decisions and you feel like you’re not good with money? Again, don’t beat yourself up. Mistakes are our learning tools!

Today, we can make a new choice to make changes and create a prosperous life for ourselves. Are you with me?

My fourth video in my money series discusses how ignorance is not bliss and can put you in danger of being taken advantage of while you’re not looking. Also, how emotional spending that comes from negative emotions trying to fill that empty hole will never end well!

Check it out right here:

Make sure you check out my first video, Creating That Sexy Relationship With Money and Attract Money Now! if you missed it; and, my second, Change Your Money Story and third video, Is Budgeting a Dirty Word?

My intention is to free you from money slavery and give you the tools you need for money mastery! This “money chat” series is designed to help you transform your poverty mindset into an abundance mindset so you can master your money and no longer be a slave.

Come with me on this journey for YOUR financial transformation! I love seeing people thrive financially personally & professionally…and I can’t wait to add you to my next SUCCESS STORY!  Also….feel free to email me to ask ANY money questions you may have. I would love to answer your question(s) in one of my upcoming videos!

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 Are you ready for a financial transformation?


As Albert Einstein once quoted…

A problem cannot be resolved by the same level of thinking that created it.

If you desire financial freedom and abundance than you must realize that “figuring it out on your own” will continue to get you the same results. Do you really want more of the same or are you ready to create financial transformation? Do you really need to keep making the same mistakes? How much is not paying attention to your money costing you? The cost of not knowing where your money is very expensive. Knowing the path you need to take in order to get there is transformational! I have two programs available to get you on track!

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