Change Your Money Story

Are you ready to change your money story?


Slave to money?

Is your story…..

  • a single mom

  • a single dad

  • you lost your job

  • you lost your business

  • you have had some financial setbacks

Are you using any of these stories as your reason why you are not where you should be financially?

Do you realize that continuing to hang onto these stories will keep you stuck in the financial position you are in?

You have to create a new money story! How do you change your money story? No worries…I’m going to help you with that! I know how hard it is to see the reality around you and feel frustrated that your reality is not what you want. It can be an endless spiral down as we keep thinking these negative thoughts especially when we keep reiterating how bad things are. To top it off, people will fight to the end insisting how bad their situation is!

Truth be told, have you ever noticed when things start getting better…that things keep getting better and better?

When things keep getting worse…things will keep getting worse and worse because we are focused on how bad things are. That means it’s time to shift in the other direction!

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It’s Time For Change!clock change

You have stumbled on my blog for a reason. This is the second video in my money series about changing your money story so you can get un-stuck! My first video was on Creating That Sexy Relationship With Money and Attract Money Now!  If you missed that video, you can see it here!

Get ready to ditch your old story that is keeping you from embracing the new money story that you want to create!

This “money chat” series is designed to help you transform your poverty mindset into an abundance mindset so you can master your money and no longer be a slave.

Check out the video right here:

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Come with me on this journey for YOUR financial transformation! I love seeing people thrive financially personally & professionally…and I can’t wait to add you to my next SUCCESS STORY!  Also….feel free to email me to ask ANY money questions you may have. I would love to answer your question in one of my upcoming videos!

How to Make Moneymoney

Would you like to learn how to make money or work online? Are you sick and tired of the 9 to 5? I recommend you check out this fantastic affiliate online course designed for the beginner that dreams of financial freedom. I can’t emphasize how important it is to start building your own retirement and NOT relying on the government or your employer to take care of you.

You can be on your way today by checking out Carolina Robin’s course if you want to know how to earn extra money. It’s full of new bonus material and the price is going up an additional $10 a day. Plus, there are no up-sells (what a relief!) and it comes with a support group full of experienced, successful affiliate marketers. New, updated material is always being added and there is no charge for that. You will find there are not many courses that give you so much product and support for such a low, low cost.

Her latest article If You Don’t Know Where to Start an Online Business, shares her experience starting an online business. She is a normal person just like you and me, she’s not a tech wizard…didn’t have all the answers…but took the plunge anyway. With her hard work and perseverance, she is a success story. It goes to show that anyone can persevere if they have the opportunity and desire. Here is your opportunity…now the question is…DO YOU HAVE THE DESIRE?

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