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Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life!

I’m very excited to announce my 3rd anthology called Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life! that hit Best Seller status in under five hours after release! This book is hot, hot, hot!

My colleague and friend, Lorii Abela, is a matchmaker and expert on soulmates. She knows there are many factors involved in finding “true love” and invited me to participate in her anthology. The book is now available and I can’t wait to tell you what it’s all about!

Living Without Limitations!

Sooner or later in life, everyone faces limitations – virtual barriers placed by ourselves or others that control key aspects of our lives as we try to move forward toward our destiny. Sometimes we don’t even realize it until years later. The Living Without Limitations book is a compilation based on the years of experience of a group of special people that can show you how to prevent just that!

In this exceptional book, Anita has assembled her “Dream Team” to produce something of priceless value. It contains the contributions of 30 professional international life coaches in specialized areas of human studies. Each of these experts is dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and enlightening individuals all around the world.

In Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors to Rock Your World, you will tap a source of hope and inspiration. You, the reader, are the focus of each life-shifting chapter in this book.

Hot Mama in High Heels!

Announcing the hot new book, Hot Mama in High Heels – Daily Tips to Rock Your World as a Woman is an International Best Seller in three categories within a few hours after release! The book is OUT and it’s already being shared all over the world and hit Amazon’s Best Seller in Women & Business, Motivational, and Success categories on the first day of release! This is my first anthology book I was asked to participate in by my business friend and colleague, Christine Marmoy. She asked me to share my story along with 20 other amazing women. The collective goal for this book is our own personal narrative about self-growth and the many roads it offers to success! We all go through times where we could use some encouragement…maybe something goes wrong, we feel low and discouraged and maybe need a nice, gentle kick in the butt!