“I have heard tons of speakers and experts in money matters and if you’re looking for some REAL, straight up wisdom and guidance on your money matters, you better talk to the money mentor: Faith Dugan. And your given name couldn’t be more fitting because I have faith in you! Keep rockin’ it and making an amazing, impactful difference for conscious female entrepreneurs. Thanks for being you and working in your genius!!”

“Faith has a vibrant approach to fiscal solutions that could bootstrap most any organization or individual into effective operation. Her methodical thought process will enlighten even the most mundane task we all know we must do!”

“I’ve been working with Faith Dugan as my CFO and my financials have never been clearer and doing taxes for last year and quarter one is a breeze! She even has me taking pictures of my receipts and storing them in this organizing software whereas before they were piled on my desk and jamming my wallet! SIGH OF RELIEF!!! I highly suggest you get in touch with her if you’re an entrepreneur and you want to master your business finances :)”

“Faith is so organized and knowledgeable about the systems necessary to keep finances in order. The process she took me through was a gradual release based on my needs. She made the process of getting my finances in check easy & efficient. I didn’t even want to look at my money when I came to her. Now it nearly runs itself.”

“I have known Faith for over 5 years now, and have first-hand knowledge of her high-level financial skills and knowledge. When I found myself in a heap of mess with an IRS Audit, I knew exactly who to call to help me get grounded and focused with my business financials. Before Faith’s help, I had a general working of how to categorize my bookkeeping efforts, but realized there were things in my industry that were confusing. After working with Faith during the stressful time of the IRS Audit, I was able to wrangle my books into simpler and clearer accounting and categories, and most importantly she helped me identify streamlined systems that have released any sense of worry for future audits. Furthermore, I now have a thorough understanding of what it means to be profitable. I’ve cleared my financial disorganization clutter, paving the way for more income, and freedom from worry by working with Faith. She IS the Money Guru! I wouldn’t trust anybody else with my financials. Her answers to my difficult questions were always correct, even when other experts had no idea.”